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TASSI * HOLD your hair  $ 20.16
 1 oz fl $ 123.00

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Love Looking Young

Direction: Overlay HQ Lightening Gel over skins surface after skin has been cleansed. Best results when used daily (PM) until results are gained. If some sensitivity to the Glycolic Acid occurs, in this case less frequent use (every other day) would reduce chance that the skin would continue to be irritated. Use up to 2 months then back off use to 1 time per week. After 8 weeks of 1 use per week, begin regular use intervals.

Glycolic acid 10%, Hydroquinone 2% and Kojic Acid 2%

 1 oz fl $150.00
 1 oz fl $130.00
 1 oz fl $129.00

A unique natural formula that contains high concentrations of Vitamin A is known for its ability to stimulate and increase the production of healthy skin cells while breaking up accumulations of dead skin cells thus visibly reducing the signs of aging. Once applied Vitamin A: Intense is promoting the retexturing of the skins surface, it also is has the ability to unclog pores. This formulation is designed to work extremely well for both aging and acne skin strategies. The penetration of this serum will accrue within seconds intensifying the results.

High concentrations of Vitamin A

Vitamin A (retinol) and a composition of AHA’s, Salicylic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid, Aloe Vera and Sodium PCA

Hyaluronic Acid will bind and expand moisture up to 1000 times its own weight providing what nature (aging process) takes away. Our unique formula will hold and bind moisture at the highest level experienced “guaranteed”. Our formulation is engineered to bind and expand ANY moisture applied over the top of L2Y™ Hyaluronic: C Ester. Excellent treatment used to minimize fine lines around the eyes and lips.

Highly concentrated levels of PURE Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C Ester

Anti-Aging & Renewal

Antioxidant and Collagen Repair

Vitamin C Intense contains more than 17% L-Ascorbic Acid,prevents free radical damage and helps to produce collagen, which is necessary to help L2Y™ hold our organs and skin in place. Stabilize cell membranes protecting them from free radical damage by helping cells expel waste and hold on to valuable nutrients. Vitamin C reduces damage to the nervous system producing a stronger muscle contraction and firmer skin. This unique formula not only works as a building block structurally it also allows for an immediate visual change to the skins surface.





Ultimate tools for beauty spa & skin health

A Magic globe  massage eliminates redness and calms the skin after waxing, extractions, electrolysis, peels and microdermabrasion.

They stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate skin. 

This chilled massage sets make-up and offers an excellent treatment for sinus pain, puffy eyes, headaches or migraines. Magic Globes stimulate nerves to exercise facial muscles, eliminate fine lines, tighten skin and help reduce large pores. 

You will love your 'cool' new finishing touch at the end of each facial treatment, make up or just relaxation...

Love Looking Young


Love Looking Young Concentrate absorbs into the skin within a few moments. Can be used around the eyes, as well as on the neck and decolte. For all skin types.

Beneficial for oily skin for it will control and balance the skin's natural oil production.

Fast action of Essential oils delivers hydration where is needed in the cell and works from inside out.

Will help against fine lines by healing and plumping the skin.

If Pregnant do not use it in first trimester,

and check with your obstetrician. Recommended in the morning for flawless makeup and for over-night rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging

 $ 75.00

Magic Globes- Blue

Organic Soy Massage Candle

PCA Skin Care

Ilike Organic

Moisturizer, Anti-Wrinkle & Cell Renewal

Love Looking Young

Rejuvenating Facial Concentrate

Essential Natural Hydrator

16 essentials in perfect Harmony

Drops of Nature in Your Skin

Moisturizer, Deep Hydration


for ONLY $127.00


for ONLY $95.00

L2Y™ Highlighting HQ Gel

  Highly effective lightening gel

L2Y™ Vitamin A Intense w/AHA

L2Y™ PURE Hyaluronic C Ester

L2Y™ Vitamin C Intense - L Ascorbic Acid 17%



 $ 7.00

Super absorbent up to 10x its weight

Lint-free soft and gentle

Durable, won’t break apart

Machine washable

Wrings virtually drip free

Two sponges a bag

Softens when Wet & Hardens when Dry

Compressed When Dry

Expands When Moistened

Facial Cleansing Sponge White

           Individually Packaged /One Pair

FAKE BAKE Flawless

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid combines ease of application with intense professional color development. Flawless is applied with a professional mitt (included) in effortless gliding strokes for a perfectly even tan. The best product you've ever tried on!!!

The light, fast drying and non-sticky liquid works upon contact with skin, without clogging pores.

 The dual function cosmetic bronzer assists in making the application even easier (shows-where-it-goes) whilst providing an instant golden tan. The fast drying, fast absorbing formula is transfer resistant, so can be worn throughout the day. Formulated with Fake Bake's exclusive triple tan formula (DHA boosted by DMI & Erythulose) for an intense tan that lasts longer. Suitable for all skin tones and skin types. Pleasantly fragranced with a tropical scent. No artificial preservatives or Parabens.

$ 29.95

professional brushes

L2Y Cosmetics - 7 piece Mini Deluxe Italian Badger Set -  $ 34.95
Mini travel set fits perfectly in your purse for when you are on the go.  Made from 100%natural Italian badger bristles. Storage pouch allows you to take along your favorite cosmetic products.
Brushes listed from left to right:
Powder dome
Tapered blush
Eye shadow
Angle eyeliner
Round contour
Oval lip
Nylon case w/ storage.

Travel like a professional with this handy set. The buckle closure snaps securely to hold brushes in place. Set includes seven professional quality brushes for the face and eyes. Sized to slip easily into your purse or briefcase.





L2Y Cosmetics - 12 Piece Designer Set -

Made from a natural blend of sable and goat bristles. Purple Shimmer designer case roll up and snaps shut. This brush case hold all of the 12 brushes that are included in this set.

  1. -Large powder

  2. -Angle blush

  3. -Foundation brush

  4. -Brow/Lash comb

  5. -Spoolie

  6. -Large eye shadow

  7. -Medium shadow

  8. -Round crease

  9. -Taklon angle eyeliner

  10. -Small firm detail brush

  11. -Flat square taklon detail

  12. -Fine line brush.








$ 59.00


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